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About Us

About Us

  We make learning fun, easy, and informative. You learn useful dances that you can use in your everyday life. We also teach wedding couples so they can get ready for that important day, without the added stresses that the wedding day can bring.  Our studio is like the local dance hall where you look forward to coming to dance and see friends. You will look forward to your lessons so you can get away from those everyday stresses that life can bring.  At the same time, you are getting a workout that is fun and easy. We teach any dance that you can do with a partner. If you don't have a partner, no problem we will have you take your lessons with one of our highly qualified instructors. They will teach you all the popular dances that you are looking to learn, plus maybe a few new dances. We also intermix our specialized group classes with your private lessons to help your lead and/or following skills. The combination of Private Lessons and Group Classes will help you gain more confidence and get you out on the dance floor sooner than later. We also provide a practice/party session at the end of the week, so you have the chance to practice all your moves in a controlled party atmosphere before you take it in the night clubs.  


Memorial Dancesport Ballroom Staff

Kimberly Turner

Kimberly Turner has spent most of her life in the dance world. Starting her career in Ballet, she studied with various highly regarded dance companies: including Kirov Ballet and American Ballet Theater.

From there her career brought her into professional Ballroom, where she has studied and competed professionally for over 12 years. Within that time she was able to become a professional Smooth and Rhythm finalist with Arthur Murray as well as British Open Rhythm semi-finalist.

Prior to owning Memorial Dancesport Ballroom, Kimberly ran a successful dance studio and was awarded numerous top executive and  top teacher awards. Her passion for ballroom dancing and teaching is exemplified by the many students she has trained and lives she has changed through dance. 

Eddie Stutts
Co-Director & Coach

      Eddie Stutts, originally from Louisiana has now spent the past 30 years in Texas. He has been dancing and teaching for over 32 years.

He currently organizes competitions, judges various ballroom events around the U.S. and continues to compete with his students around at various ballroom events. During Eddie's professional dance career which span from 1993 til he retired in 2007 he obtained 2 Professional United States 10-Dance Championship titles and has represented the United States in 5 World championships all around the world. 4 of those 5 times, making it to the finals at those World Championships. He also was a guess performer on the hit TV show "Dance With The Stars". Where he danced a Waltz routine with his partner  with the world renowned singer Seal preforming the hit "Kiss from a Rose". He has many titles with his students ranging in every style of ballroom dancing from local and national titles. Eddie has owned his own studio for over 12 years but now is moving onto new adventures with organizing competitions etc. He also continues the passion of teaching along the side of the amazing staff here at Memorial Dancesport Ballroom where he is a business adviser, Co-director and dance coach. 

Elle Marcus
Studio Instructor
Kyra Wicker
Studio Instructor
Julia Massey
Studio Instructor
Alberto Reyes
Studio Instructor

Contact Us

Memorial Dancesport Ballroom

8412 Katy Freeway #320  Houston, Tx 77024

Tel: 713-468-1628

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